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killing me softly, but i'm still falling
24th-Dec-2014 06:22 pm(no subject)
all new fic is now posted on feelslikevegas, thanks!
Title: playing around with your heart, now i'm laying in the dark
Pairing: sehun/donghae
Rating: nc-17
Genre: pwp, mild romance
Warnings: swearing, sex, barebacking
Notes: it's been weeks, and donghae and sehun finally reunite. inspired by donghae's hilarious reunion instagram vids. 1.2k.

Read more...Collapse )
Title: i need a vacation tonight
Pairing: sehun/mino
Rating: soft r for grinding lol
Genre: crossover, canon
Warnings: drinking, swearing, grinding, the usual clubbing stuff
Notes: MAMA awards aftermath, sehun is offered by a drink by a kind stranger who likes his ass. for my beloved exollent. title from britney spears' hold it against me. 1, 308 words.

'cause you feel like paradise, would you hold it against meCollapse )

16th-Nov-2014 02:04 pm - [exo/tasty] for your entertainment

Title: for your entertainment
: zitao/tasty twins
Rating: nc-17
Genre: pwp
Warnings: swearing, sort-of threesome with two siblings, drinking
Notes: throwaway porn because i craved some taosty lol, 1, 299 words.

Read more...Collapse )

10th-Nov-2014 08:45 am - [vixx] some like it hot (n/leo)
Title: some like it hot
Pairing: n/leo
Rating: nc-17
Genre: pwp, mild romance
Warnings: swearing, cross-dressing, noona kink (??), sex
Notes: it's taekwoon's birthday and n-mi makes a return. chaos ensues. happy birthday to my beloved jung leo! 1, 477 words.

Taekwoon hadn’t expected them to ruin his birthday this spectacularly, but they surpassed his expectations so much he was almost impressed.Collapse )
Title: we're happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time
Pairing: tao/sehun
Rating: nc-17
Genre: pwp, mild romance
Warnings: thighfucking, drinking, swearing
Notes: Zitao and Sehun drive around Seoul, pig out and then fuck in Zitao's maserati. That's it, that's the fic. 1869 words.

"You look like a clown," Zitao blurts out the moment Sehun gets in the car. Sehun narrows his eyes, lips curled into a pout. "Shut up."Collapse )
5th-Oct-2014 03:44 pm - MASTERLIST
[hi hi hi]uhhh i'll add them once i write more than 1 fic lol
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